Tuesday, February 26, 2008

M01 Mech Robot (Ultra cool)

M01 Mech Robot

Target Environment of robotLocomotion Method
Indoors2 Legs
Sensors / Input DevicesActuators / Output Devices
joystickwindshield wiper motors (2)
Control Method Power Source
Operated by passengerBattery
CPU TypeOperating System
Programming LanuageWeight
Time to build the robotCost to build the robot
  3 months$1000
Robot`s URL for more information

About 3 months ago there was an article on hacked gadgets about a mech that I built. Unfortunately that mech didn`t work very well and before I knew it there were pictures all over the internet, so I decide to rebuild it and this what I came out with, the M01. I wanted to build a robot that is able to carry a person and be as low cost as possible. It consists of 100 feet of metal, 300 nuts and bolts, 2 windshield motors, 10 door hinges, one joystick and a boat seat all this cost me $1000 that includes the microcontroller and the pneumatics system from the first version that I didn?t end up using. Also it has 2 12V batteries that can run for like 4 hours, before you have to recharge them again. Of course it still needs some work on it to make it walk a lot faster, but I'm still working on it



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