Monday, March 10, 2008

Automated Industrial Manipulator Robots

Automated Industrial Manipulator Robots

These are obviously the most prevalent type of robots to date. Not only your car, but also many of the consumer items in your home were probably bot-handled at some point. We tend to think of only the fixed robotic arm in this category, but industrial manipulators come in all sorts of configurations these days. If you ever see a news item about the auto industry, computer chip manufacturing, or other bot-intensive business, all of those ganglia you see snaking around the product as it moves down the assembly line—each with a specialized function & tool on its tip—is an industrial manipulator.

NOTE:Robots of this type need to be strong, extremely durable, & capable of doing the exact same sequence of tasks over & over again without fail. With this species of bot, boring is good, surprises are bad.



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