Monday, March 10, 2008

Revolutionary Robo-Critters (Space explorers)

Looking to nature for inspiration in robot design has led to a fantastic menagerie of mechanical creatures. All sorts of bugs, reptiles, fish, crustaceans, & mammals have provided design ideas . Even how these critters behave—the communalism of ants, the swarming of bees, & the flocking of birds—has inspired designs for clusters of robots that function in a similar manner. Robo-critters often have legs, only basic brainpower (instinct-level), & are frequently autonomous (either solar powered or capable of finding their own power source). Many of today's entertainment robots (AIBO, B.I.O. Bugs, iCybie) fall into Robo-critter robot category.


For robots of this type, weight is often critical. As legged mobility is complicated & fragile, this is often a weakness of the design. Legs are power-hungry, too, drinking up precious battery juice



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