Friday, March 21, 2008

Building robots : 5 Essential Supplies

Before Building Robots you'll also need to lay in a few supplies...

Solder— Solder can be called the "glue" which holds our digital robotic world together. It's a conductive metal alloy (mostly a combination of tin and lead or tin and silver) combined with a compound called flux. Solder melts under quite low temperatures (120–400 deg) and quickly cools to form a strong, durable bond between electrical components and whatever metal surface they've been soldered to (each other, a circuit board's metallic "pads," wires, and so forth). The flux in solder is a special material used to help "prepare" the metal surfaces for bonding with the solder. Solder comes in different forms, but solder wire is what you'll be using when building robots . It usually comes in spools.

Superglue— Cyanoacrylate, mercifully more widely referred to as superglue, is an extremely strong and quick-setting bonding agent.

Flux paste— The paste, sold in little jars, when smeared onto the stubborn areas, will prepare the way for a good solder robot joint.

Wire— You'll want to have spools of wire on hand for use when breadboarding robotic circuits, hooking up motors, & other robot`s wiring jobs.

Two-part epoxy— Two-part epoxy resin is a quick-setting resin that bonds metal, glass, plastic, wood, fiberglass, & other materials.




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