Saturday, March 15, 2008

Real Transformer ROBOTS production started!!!

Real transformers (Large robots) are now currently under construction. British scientists have just announced that today they will be taking the first steps in this astonishing cool robotics(but completely irrelevent) project. The £4.6million (roughly $9 million USD) experiment will attempt to build swarms of tiny robots, each the size of a sugar cube, that navigate around on their own and connect together to form larger, intelligent machines. Researchers say the first swarm of autonomous, intelligent, shape-changing robots could be in use within just five year.

Now they have also disclosed that the transformers robots will used for medicine, in space exploration and for search and rescue missions using robots, but we know better then that don’t we ? Prepare to be surveilled by arbitrary Robots laying about, sorta like that commercial for the Samsung u700



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